Lotto Plus Results For Wednesday 17 May 2023

Lotto Plus Results For Wednesday 31 May 2023

NLCB Lotto Plus lottery game is a popular and exciting game played in Trinidad and Tobago. You can check NLCB Lotto Plus results for today 2023. Our team update NLCB lotto Plus results regularly on the proper time of Trinidad and Tobago. Lotto Plus lottery game draw on ( Wednesday to Saturday ) at 7:00 PM. Please bookmark our this website and check latest lottery results here.

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NLCB Lotto Plus Results For Today


Power Ball: ———-

Multiplier: ———-

How to Play NLCB Lotto Plus lottery game

NLCB lotto plus lottery is a famous lottery of Trinidad and Tobago. There are ” 35 ” numbers in the NLCB lotto plus lottery you can choose only 5 digit-numbers between ” 1 ” to ” 35 ” and only one power ball number between ” 1 ” to ” 10 ” digit numbers only one  multiplier number also choose from ” 1 ” to ” 9 “. 

Lotto Plus Hot and Cold Numbers

Hot Numbers

Hot number are the numbers that are frequently many time in past draws. Many user follow this strategies. They asked that the hot number are the best number in lotto plus lottery . They believe on hot numbers.

Some Hot Numbers: 04-05-11-13-17-19. 30-34

Cold Numbers:

Cold numbers are the number that are cannot draw many time in past. Many users can not believe on cold numbers they asked that these numbers are poor number so that they reject cold number

Some Cold Numbers : 01-03-07-09-15-21-23-27

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